Alex Learning to Fly  https://vimeo.com/107364985

Flying over our house  http://vimeo.com/82927372

Flying over our new house (to be built)  http://vimeo.com/82990591

Flying over the Stonnell’s house http://vimeo.com/83413763

Celebration of the Life of Don Baker https://vimeo.com/122838033

Cruise 2015 – Serenade of the Seas https://vimeo.com/123584390

Jungle Buggies in Mexico https://vimeo.com/132888167

Tour with Monica in Mexico https://vimeo.com/135260516

Mexico 2015 – Jungle Buggy Tour  https://vimeo.com/132888167

Christmas Card by Magic Lantern https://vimeo.com/147614859